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No kitchen, no problem

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Our house needed everything and like most new homeowners we had to prioritize. Kitchen or primary bathroom? Finish the basement or do the upstairs bathrooms? This vs. that...always. Our son was 2 weeks old when our ovens started beeping in the middle of the night and had to be unplugged. We were told they needed to be replaced. We had double wall ovens which to replace when I hated the rest of the kitchen was a no for me. I refused to waste a penny on a kitchen that I grew to hate more every day. Was it the lights over the island that permanently flickered, or the rainbow floral backsplash, the chipped green counters, or the trash drawer that struggled on its track. Was it the knobs that would fall off daily or the rose gold diamonds that the previous homeowners daughter painted onto the floor? IT WAS ALL OF IT.

It was mostly this, we prioritized the primary bathroom. It was the right choice for us at the time. We were both working full time and not spending a lot of time in the house. I would cook on the weekends but barely during the week because by the time I got home I was too hungry to cook a whole meal so we pretty much lived on either prepped meals or take-out on week nights. Then we had our son. I left my job and was home 24/7.

The early days with a new baby and no help are hard. I relied on my view of him from the kitchen when I had to get his bottles together, prep his meals, make my lunch, make our dinner and our kitchen felt like more of a burden to me everyday. (This is probably dramatic, but this is how I felt.) It wasn't open and I could only see him when he was in specific spots which was fine until he was mobile. At this point for me there was no this or that it was just the kitchen. It had to go. I didn't care if we did nothing else to the house, but I needed the walls opened up and a functioning oven and trash drawer. It didn't seem like a lot to ask but boy was it a lot to spend (ha!). Now we have a beautiful new white kitchen with gorgeous quartz countertops and ovens that actually work. I did live oven-less for almost a year and a half and the toaster oven/oven we got as a temporary solution got relocated to the basement for storage. I was not sad to see it go.

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