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My Favorite Place

I'm torn. I think of our house and I think of my favorite place and I can't decide between our shower or my closet. But now that I'm thinking about favorite places I'm dreaming about clean sheet Sunday when the bed is extra fresh and tight and there's that chill when you slip your body under the covers. But inevitably that place ends up being where I sleep so although I enjoy it, it doesn't rank number one for me.

I'm going with our shower. I love it. The water gets hot and has good pressure. I can reach my arms out to wash my hair without touching a wall or a shower curtain, and most importantly it's somewhere I can (generally) avoid my kids for ten minutes. I do some good thinking and reviewing and scrutinizing in there. But also admiring. Admiring the herringbone tile work that I still love today on the floors and walls, the perfect shade of grey that we chose for our vanities, the view of our yard and the little creek that runs across it. It brings serenity to what is otherwise generally a pretty hectic morning. I always leave the shower feeling ready to take on the day.

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